Pizza to Dream About!

Jeanne's Pizza Pantry

Jeanne’s Pizza Pantry

My Mom originally starting the Jeanne’s Pizza Pantry pizza recipe in a small town, teaching me the recipe and brought it into the big city. Each pizza is made with love and our commitment to great food and a clean environment. Jeanne’s Pizza Pantry is family owned and operated and has won the title for one of the best pizzas in the city.

Our pizzas are made from scratch using the freshest ingredients topped with our own authentic sauce and delicious herb-blended cheese.

Jeanne’s Pizza Pantry has recently moved but is still conveniently located on 17th Avenue Southwest.

Please stop in and say hello.

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Jeanne’s Does Catering!

Did you know that we do large catering for special events such as company meetings,
sporting events, community events and special occasions? No party is too big or small for Jeanne’s. All we need is a few days notice. When planning your next event, please call us at 403-249-1279 for your catering needs.

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Outside Jeanne's Pizza Pantry Inside Jeanne's Pizza Pantry

47 Responses to “Pizza to Dream About!”

  1. Travis Says:

    Just received our order from Jeannes pizza pantry and omg what a treat!! The pizza is fresh and still piping hot! The cheese bread is so good with the garlic sauce!! This was our first time trying this and we will defiantly be ordering again!!

  2. Alicia Says:

    We absolutely LOVE your pizza. There’s no other place we’d rather order from. We always get the garlic cheesy bread too, sauce is to die for. We got the garlic pepperoni last time, however probably won’t be ordering it again as we were sweating garlic for days- and that’s coming from a Ukrainian! I’ve told all my friends about how fantastic your pizza is, keep it up!!

  3. Coleman Says:

    Get at me Jeanne’s

  4. Deb Says:

    Best pizza in Calgary, expensive with $18 delivery charge. Will pick up next time.
    There will definitely be a next time! Soooooo good. Thanks

  5. Ashley Says:

    Coming from Edmonton , flamingos pizza hands down the best in that city .

    I am a pizza lover and I would have to say Jeanne’s Hawaiian pizza is the best Hawaiian I have ever had along with there custom made 4 cheese pizza .

  6. Jodie(X-Cheese girl) Says:

    We have been looking for a good pizza in calgary since we moved here. We have finally found an amazing pizza with very friendly owners that take pride in their pies!!We are so happy that we found this place!!!! Thank you very much and keep up the good work!

  7. Jenna and Mike Says:

    We just ordered first time and I’m the reluctant to try or spend on food I’ve never had, but to my surprise this pizza was superb!!!!!!! We ordered garlic pepperoni and WOW…….YUM YUM YUMMMERS

  8. greg & debbie Says:

    we were in Alex Alberta and bought pizza from jeanies, by far the most amazing pizze we have ever had!!!!! We are 2 hours away and will going back more than once.

  9. John Mail Says:

    Great pizza. It would be great to see you on Skip the Dishes.

  10. Wanda Says:

    Hello, how does one contact you about participating in YYC Pizza Week, debuting September 26 – October 5th, 2014?! Thanks! Wanda

  11. Samantha Says:

    Best pizza in Calgary! Love supporting such awesome eats and great service!

  12. Krista Says:

    By FAR the BEST pizza in YYC! 🙂
    Moving at the end of the month and will make a special trip just for the pizza!

  13. Corbin Says:

    Hey I used to go to this place all the time it is by far the best pizza i have ever had and I wish I was still around to taste those delicious meals again. No where in the city i live do they even have Panzerotti’s if i only I had a way to come into the city I know where i would go for supper and it would be a feast let me tell you.

  14. Sandie and Family Says:

    Thanks again, We all Love your Pizza!
    Great service and delivery service, with always a smile, I might add 🙂

  15. Sandie Says:

    This pizza is the best Pizza in Calgary! I mean this!
    The Service is Super, Staff is Friendly and the Delivery is Excellent!
    Thanks so Much for having this ALL for us!!

  16. Jason Says:

    Pizza is the best in western Calgary bar none! I am dreaming about some for dinner tonight!

  17. LJB Says:

    I was visiting Calgary last week and had my first Jeanne’s pizza… guaranteed not to be my last.

  18. Tracy Says:

    the pizza I had was wonderful. Best pie I have ever eaten.

  19. David Says:

    From the phone call to delivery, to the pizza, it was all awesome!
    This is the pizza joint for us! I would also like to add you get what you
    Pay for, and then some. This is very filling pizza, and where a large is a real large;)
    Thanks, can’t wait for our next pizza night!!!

  20. Adam Wade Says:

    I recommend Jeanne’s pizza

  21. Jeannette Says:

    I had your pizza at a work event and I can’t believe how good it is! I feel like I’m back on the east coast when I taste it – by far the best pizza I’ve tasted in Calgary!! – Love it!

  22. Lorie Says:

    Mel’s Pizza is i feel the best in the City it is made with love and you can tast it in every bit. Thank you for always keeping my tummy happy wial i am on the road.

  23. Laurence Says:

    Jeannes is the best for fresh and very good food at anytime, made thoughtfully for her custmomers!
    This food is just like home made for everyone!

    Thanks Mel!

  24. Dave Says:

    Excellent pizza, always fresh and have tasty whole wheat crust. Their meat lovers is delicious and would recommend to all pizza lovers!!

  25. Lori Bothwell Says:

    Hi Mel,
    Parker had a great pizza party in his class thanks to you.
    The pizza was a big hit!
    Lori Bothwell

  26. Nigel Says:

    Great pizza, super friendly staff!

  27. Doug Says:

    Pizza…Wings and the Panzarotti are awesome!!!! Glad I live so close to this pizza joint.

  28. Ray Says:

    best pizza in town !

  29. Dwight Ryder Says:

    Looking for a LOCAL pizza supplier for our Loyalty Rewards program.
    403 455 7827.
    Just spoke to melody. Cheers.

  30. Wendy H Says:

    First time also, pleasantly surprised. We found it had good quality ingredients, great crust and a flavorfull sauce. We dont order pizza much anymore because we moved and havent been able to find a good pizza in our delivery zone. FOUND ONE Rock on Jeanne

  31. Gary M Says:

    First time, looking for something different. Excellent product. Family of four all agree. Thanks and see you again.

  32. Azriel Knight Says:

    Stopped into your shop for the first time today with my wife. Absolutely loved your pizza!

    Will definitely be back!

  33. Steve Arnold Says:

    The Absolute Best Pepperoni and Mushroom pizza in the City of Calgary, without a doubt!! Excellent and friendly service and super speedy delivery! AAA+++!

  34. Walter White Says:

    Jeanne’s Pizza is just superb. I always tell my friends about you guys so hopefully you’re getting more customers!

  35. Wusthof Says:

    Hi, i must excellent website you have, i stumbled across it in Bing. Does you get much traffic?

  36. Carly and Chad Says:

    The service is absolutely wonderful. It’s fast,fresh and so worth a night off cooking. Thanks Jeannes!!!

  37. Cat Perry Says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Jeannes Pizza. Luckily I can get it a Mom’s place but look forward to dropping into your shop in Calgary soon.

  38. Lynn Says:

    Best pizza I’ve had in years. Great crust with a perfect blend of cheese, ingredients and a sauce that comes in above par. Mix that with friendly owners who make you feel welcome and appreciated and you can’t go wrong with Jeanne’s Pizza.

  39. Bill Says:

    Pizza is great

  40. Sandra Says:

    I ordered Jeannes Pizza for a meeting and it was loved by all. It is the best!

  41. Ben Says:

    Best pizza in the city! You cant say enough good things about this pizza, everything about it is perfect. This is what taste buds dream about!

  42. Graham Says:

    Love the pizza and love that you are so close to me now! Welcome to the neighbourhood!

  43. Brandon Says:

    Panzarotties are now a weekly purchase for me and my co-workers

  44. Brad Says:

    Everything you could want in a fine pizzeria…handmade crust, herb blended cheese, fresh toppings, great service, and the nicest proprietors you will ever meet. Strongly recommended.

  45. dale Says:

    Just tried your pizza and it is great! Got here fast too, keep up the good work jeanne!

  46. Jim Says:

    Jeanne’s makes the best pizza in town. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it!

  47. bob Says:

    I love your pizza!

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