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We would like to share our story behind the pizza you are about to enjoy and how the real Jeanne came to the big city !

Jeanne is the mother of six children and I happen to be the youngest and my name is Melody and I make the pizza’s in Calgary ! Mom was a passionate stay at home chef preparing meals everyday with ingredients out of her kitchen pantry ! Creating tasty wholesome meals for those ones she loved !

Taking this passion for making wonderful food with simple ingredients she purchased a small shop in her community which happened to have a baker’s pride pizza oven and proceeded to build a pizza from the bottom up sourcing out the highest quality real ingredients right out of the pantry !

That pizza shop is still going strong today and 13 years ago we opened another small shop here in the city ! Teaching me how to make the very same wonderful pizza she has been serving for years and as you feed your loved ones tonight know that no corners have been cut ! Instead of no that no corners have been cut !!!

We make everything on site, Preparing fresh dough every morning using premium flours, using grade A tomatoes, making a thick red rich sauce with herbs and spices marinating overnight for full flavor! Buying the best but keeping prices competitive, no fillers or imitations of any kind using best in market cheese.
Low-in fat big on taste pulled right to the end for a nice crispy crust!
Not using sugar to disguise bad taste we use simple quality ingredients like fresh garlic and olive oil and sea salt, basil the very same things that are in your pantry! No food hangover’s for you or the kiddies!

We are slowly getting on board with technology but we are old school in some ways but we love the fact we can still interact with our customer, the bakers pride oven is on and the wing man is preparing crispy wings and I have my own version of a panzerotti that I take great pride in and filling and pocket size fit in your hand for when you are on the go! The pizza’s are so flavorful and will fill up everyone at the table and we offer gluten free and cauliflower crusts and non-dairy cheese! I want to keep the tradition that my mom has passed on, have passion and take pride, use fresh simple ingredients and make it with love!

Pizza to Dream About!

Jeanne'a Pizza Pantry Since 2006

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